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Thoughts are powerful. They precede every decision and literally drive your life. When leveraged and controlled they provide peace of mind and clarity. They enable us to live a thriving and intentional life. But when they spiral out of control they cause confusion and anxiety. They have the power to keep us up all hours of the night!

     The good news is, they do not have to be left out of control. With this simple, repeatable process, you can bring your thoughts into submission and into obedience to Christ. This process can help you identify your thoughts clearly, expand them to fuller understanding and deal with them intentionally. Using this process often, will help you gain clarity and peace of mind. You can be in control of your thoughts, rather than allowing your thoughts to be in control of you.

     Download the  PDF. It is my gift to you. Make a few copies to have on hand. 

Anytime you notice your thoughts beginning to spiral, or you notice a feeeling of anxiety, take the time to sit with your thoughts and feelings quietly. Use this worksheet to identify the source of the thughts or anxiety. Write it down. Then take that thought through each part of the wheel. Write what come to your mind in each section. Work you way around it slowly until you have brought the thought and the emotions connected to it, into clear focus and submission to the truth. 


Thought Expansion Wheel

  • This document is Copyright of Bless My Soul Studios LLC and Masterpiece Coaching Company. 

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