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Have you ever identified your negative thoughts as being 'critical'? I sure have. And I am not alone.  The more people I talk to about this, the more I find we have this voice in common. It takes on the sound and vocabualry of various people in our lives, but it's objective and outcome are always the same. It seeks to destroy the goodness we have as image bearers of God. It whispers negativity, doubt, discouragement and even despair into our daily lives. It infects the good, true and beautiful elements of our lives with an insidious undertow that pulls us away from abundance and joy. This voice must be identified. It must be fought.  It must be destroyed. Jesus died to give us an inheritance of abundance, and Critial Spirit is an enemy. Let this reflection guide take you through some commonalities I have discovered to help you pinpoint Critical Spirit and fight it effectively. 

Battling Critical Spirit

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